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Attorney LaDonna Kienitz is a Taxation Lawyer in Tustin

The Law Offices of LaDonna T. Kienitz

Attorney LaDonna T. KienitzAttorney LaDonna T. Kienitz is an expert in the specialized area of the law that deals with resolving tax controversies and disputes with more than 15 years of experience working for individuals, families and businesses facing action by the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board, California Employment Development Department, and California Board of Equalization. Ms. Kienitz personally works on every case as she sees all disputes through to resolution and always remans in a professional, confident, responsive and caring manner.

Attorney LaDonna Kienitz’s experience, combined with a highly logical and strategic approach, has lead to successful outcomes for many clients dealing with tax disputes of all types. The Kienitz team provides the highly specialized assistance you may need when dealing with IRS and California State tax disputes. This singular focus enables their tax attorneys to provide a higher degree of expertise in this complex area of law. Each lawyer is well versed in the immediate steps necessary to stop liens, levies and garnishments as soon as possible.  Once that’s accomplished, their lawyers will establish what must be done next to completely resolve your problem—negotiating on your behalf so you never have to speak directly with the IRS or other agencies.

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