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Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Orange County Women Lawyers Association, OCTLA, OCWLAIn the United States, you are guaranteed certain rights. These rights are spelled out in the Constitution, in specific amendments, and even in state laws. While you may be technically permitted these rights, that doesn’t mean that they’re always respected. When someone tramples your rights, there are consequences for them and options for you. With the help of a civil rights attorney, you can defend yourself and your freedoms.

Looking for an Orange County civil rights lawyer to take on your case? Browse our list of local attorneys and reach out to them today.

Helpful Information About Choosing an Orange County Civil Rights Lawyer

  • You can research the Bar license status, suspensions or reprimands of an attorney at the California Bar Association website.
  • The California Bar Association does not have a “Specialty” certification for civil rights law like some other areas of practice.
  • Civil rights lawyers are typically paid on contingency, typically 33% – 45% (plus case costs).
  • Some attorneys will be able to meet with you at their office, your home, the hospital, or over Zoom. It’s important to ask these questions when you call.

Civil Rights Lawyers and the Matters They Take

Civil rights lawyers in Orange County take on a wide ranges of cases and rights violations, including those based in state and federal law. Some reasons you may choose to hire a civil rights attorney include:

  • Police Misconduct
  • Malicious prosecution
  • False imprisonment
  • Excessive or deadly force by law enforcement
  • False arrest
  • Employment discrimination
  • ADA violations
  • Abuse of the rights given to those with mental illness
  • Violations of the First, Fourth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment

Since the field of civil rights law is so varied, you may want to look for an attorney with focused experience in the type of rights violation you have experienced.

Orange County Civil Rights Lawyers:

Heidari Law Group P.C

Heidari Law Group P.C

The Sehat Law Firm PLC

The Sehat Law Firm PLC

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California and Federal Civil Rights Laws

The type of representation you get will depend on which law was violated and by whom. One of the most widely known California laws in this area is the Unruh Civile Rights Act . It passed in 1959 and sprawls across a wide range of rights violations. It prohibits businesses from discriminating against consumers for their sex, race, color, religion, national origin, medical condition, disability, primary language, or any other protected class. This law is applicable to all California businesses. One of the primary ways the Unruh Act is used is to protect those with disabilities from having their rights infringed upon. As a result of this law, plaintiffs can claim triple damages for access violations.

One of the most expansive federal laws is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It forbids discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. This, along with other federal laws, protects individuals from being discriminated against in employment, education, housing, credit access, voting, public accommodations, and a range of federal programs.

Civil Rights Attorneys Near Me:

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12900 Garden Grove Blvd #132, Garden Grove, CA 92843
12900 Garden Grove Blvd #132, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Benefits of Hiring an Orange County Civil Rights Lawyer

Civil rights violations are especially painful for those who have already been wronged by the criminal justice or legal system. They may already have a jaded view of the systems that are meant to protect them, which makes it difficult to seek help or advocate for themselves.

In these situations, it is very helpful to have an attorney who is passionate about defending clients from agencies and individuals that have wronged them. An attorney’s in-depth knowledge of state and federal civil rights laws puts them in the ideal position to tackle issues from multiple angles and fight for the best outcome for every client.

Don’t let rogue companies and government agencies get away with violating your civil rights. Contact one of the Orange County civil rights attorneys on our list today.

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