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Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Orange County Women Lawyers Association, OCTLA, OCWLAGetting injured at work is a very real possibility for California employees, especially those in dangerous industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. When a workplace injury does occur, the workers’ compensation system makes it easy for employees to get the benefits they need.

While the workers’ compensation system is generally very straightforward, disputes may arise. If you’re facing pushback on a workers’ compensation claim or dealing with a fraudulent claim, an attorney can help. Explore our list of verified Orange County workers’ compensation attorneys to find the right one for your claim.

Helpful Information About Choosing an Orange County Workers’ Comp Lawyer

  • You can research the Bar license status, suspensions or reprimands of an attorney at the California Bar Association website.
  • The California Bar Association offers a “Specialty” certification for workers’ compensation for highly complex claims. It may not be necessary for you to work with a California Certified Bar Specialist in Workers’ Compensation law, but you should discuss the pros & cons of this with any attorney you talk to.
  • Some attorneys will be able to meet with you at their office, the hospital, or over Zoom. It’s important to ask these questions when you call.

How Workers’ Compensation Works in California

After an employee is injured, they report the injury to their employer. From there, they seek out medical care from an approved care provider while the employer files the claim with their workers’ compensation insurance provider. Once the claim is approved, the employee is entitled to receive medical care paid for by the insurance company, temporary disability payments, and other benefits as needed. Other benefits include retraining coverage for employees who cannot return to their previous line of work, permanent disability for those who will never recover fully from their injury, and death benefits to family members of deceased employees.

The system protects both parties. Employees are guaranteed to receive limited income replacement and covered medical care. Employers are legally protected from personal injury claims.

Orange County Workers’ Comp Lawyers:

Montoya Law

Montoya Law

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Briles Law Group

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Relevant Workers’ Comp Laws

California, known for its extensive workers’ rights, also grants them substantial protections in the workers’ compensation system. An employer is required to provide a claim form to an employee no later than one day after being informed of their injury. During that time-frame, they must also authorize medical treatment up to a total cost of $10,000 while waiting for the claim to go through the insurance company. The insurance company only has 90 days to deny the claim.

Workers’ Comp Lawyers Near Me:

The Nakatani Law Group...

9891 Irvine Center Dr. Suite 200, Irvine, CA, United States, California
9891 Irvine Center Dr. Suite 200, Irvine, CA, United States, California

William Landsiedel...

23232 Peralta Dr Suite 204, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
23232 Peralta Dr Suite 204, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Perhaps the most common legal issue that arises in this field is a denied claim. Workers’ compensation insurance companies have a wide variety of reasons for denying claims, but they often deny valid claims. When this happens, the injured employee can take their case before a judge. This involves filing the Application for Adjudication of Claim, submitting necessary documentation, and notifying the insurance provider of their intent to file.

Another issue that may arise is retaliation. While employees are legally permitted to file workers’ compensation claims, regardless of who is at fault for their injury, some employers do attempt to discourage workers’ compensation claims. They may do this in an effort to make their statistics look better or avoid an increase in premiums. If an employer decreases an employee’s hours, denies them advancement opportunities, or fires them in retaliation for an injury report, the employee may have to take further legal action.

The workers’ compensation system in California is highly regulated. Whether you fall on the employer or employee side of the equation, it’s a good idea to have an attorney advocating for you. Use the resources and attorney listings on this page to reach out to an Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer that can help you with your claim.

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