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Attorney Kelly Knight is a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tustin

Knight Defense

Attorney Kelly KnightAt Knight Defense, attorney Kelly Knight’s goal is to perpetuate the highest levels of competence in criminal defense so all clients are afforded meaningful, effective representation regardless of guilt or innocence. She makes it her duty to safeguard the individual’s constitutional rights under both state and federal law and protect the client from unjust treatment at the hands of combative law enforcement and prosecutors.

Attorney Kelly Knight has been practicing criminal defense in Orange and surrounding counties for five years and is considered one of the legal field’s fastest rising stars. As a lawyer she has successfully advocated for her clients on hundreds of cases ranging from petty theft to homicide and practices in both state and federal courts. Knight is a formidable trial attorney with a reputation for being fearless in the courtroom, well-liked by her clients and respected by her colleagues for her personable demeanor and knowledge of the law. She is currently the President of the West Orange County Bar Association and actively volunteers through the Constitutional Rights Foundation, including mock trial and peer court.
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