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Geller | Conrad | Duvel LLP

Lawrence H. GellerThe Laguna Hills lawyers of Geller | Conrad | Duvel LLP handle matters related to family law, including divorce and child issues, evictions, labor and business law, employment discrimination, business law, and estate planning. Attorney Lawrence H. Geller devotes time in his practice to representing clients who are filing cases regarding family law matters. All attorneys at the firm seek to provide a higher level of client services that includes regular and prompt communication to address any and all questions or concerns and being promptly available to their clients.Glen D. Duvel

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Practice Areas
  • Child Custody Attorneys
  • Child Support Attorneys
  • Divorce Attorneys
  • Employment Law Attorneys
  • Estate Planning & Living Trust Attorneys
  • Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) Lawyer
  • Family Law Attorneys
  • Guardianship & Conservatorship Attorneys
  • Workers Compensation Attorneys
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