Understanding the Permanent Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

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Understanding the Permanent Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the main contributors for disability or death in the United States is a traumatic brain injury. According to the association’s research, traumatic brain injuries cause about 30% of all injury fatalities. While a traumatic brain injury can leave a person with permanent and devastating impairments, it can also cause a wide range of momentary body dysfunctions. Some of these bodily changes may include, but are not limited to:

  • The cognitive part of a human brain
  • A person’s sense of feeling, perception, and responsiveness
  • The inability to speak properly
  • A person’s emotions

A permanent bodily impairment caused by a traumatic brain injury can also vary which will depend on the severity of the impact or injury. With that being said, it is worth mentioning that a person who suffers a traumatic brain injury is not likely to exhibit the same symptoms as another person who experienced a similar traumatic brain injury. Medically, there are no standard injury inflictions; therefore, traumatic brain injury victims can suffer a wide range of symptoms, despite the level of impact. Unfortunately, this variation can make medicinal therapy very difficult.

Every victim’s reaction to the injury will vary due to the brain’s intricacy of the brain, among other factors. Individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury can differ based on several of these factors which can include, but are not limited to:

  • The severity of the impact
  • The healing process
  • The areas affected
  • The victim’s age

Note: If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury, seek medical attention immediately. Even the slightest of impacts or injuries can have serious consequences. Further, if the impact was the result of another, speak to a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you recover restitution for the grievances caused as a result of the traumatic brain injury. Speaking to a professional attorney soon after the incident took place is vital to ensuring that you have a successful claim.

Traumatic Brain Injury Effects:  Alterations to Personal Judgment and Other Aspects of Reasoning

Many individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury will experience moderate to severe cognitive issues. These difficulties are not always clearly evident and they often can take many years after the incident to develop. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, many victims can face the following complications:

  • Retaining information
  • Lack of concentration
  • The inability or difficulty of solving problems

While this is not a comprehensive list, many individuals can experience day-to-day difficulties. An individual who has undergone a traumatic brain injury can experience difficulty with his or her normal routines. These normal, everyday routines could be confusing and it can often take a victim an overly extended amount of time to do a simple task. A victim is often left with the inability to multitask, which can prevent him or her from doing a multitude of his or her everyday tasks. On the contrary, traumatic head injury victims can also be left with impulsive tendencies. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries can often lead to irreversible damages that can lead to various incapacities.

Obtain the Legal Support of an Experienced Attorney

Traumatic Brain injury claims can often present unwarranted stress. If you or someone you know is the victim of a traumatic brain injury, it is important to recognize that medical care can be expensive. A traumatic brain injury can turn to be a lifelong expense. Speak to a specialized attorney who can help you recover those costs and offer the possibility of seeking compensation for other grievances you or your loved one has endured.