Recent Federal District Court Ruling Contains Hope for Undocumented Immigrants and Defendants Who Earnestly Seek Rehabilitation

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Recent Federal District Court Ruling Contains Hope for Undocumented Immigrants and Defendants Who Earnestly Seek Rehabilitation

A single mom who got detained for eleven months recently got released with supervision after getting convicted of two DUI, as per a ruling by United States District Court Jon S. Tigar. The woman is earnestly pursuing recovery from alcohol abuse so that she can learn healthier ways to manage the stress of raising her children on her own, such as attending church regularly.

Floricel Ramos’s story gives hope to those who have gotten arrested for or convicted of DUI because it shows that courts do pay attention to whether a defendant is actively pursuing recovery from alcohol abuse. A DUI arrest or conviction is a life-altering event in many ways, some of which are negative and some of which can be positive. Some defendants who get arrested for or convicted of DUI experience a change of mind and a change of heart regarding their alcohol use and they decide to pursue recovery because they do not like the path that their life could follow if they continue to abuse alcohol. Recovery is not an easy process, but it is possible, and many people go on to avoid getting additional DUI offenses because of their recovery efforts.

There is another crucial element of Floricel Ramos’s supervised release. Her release was never guaranteed, regardless of whether she sought recovery from alcohol abuse because she is an immigrant. The Supreme Court had issued a ruling that allows any person who is an immigrant to get detained indefinitely without a bond hearing. Fortunately, Judge Tigar interpreted the Supreme Court ruling as permission to detain immigrants indefinitely instead of a requirement to do so. Because indefinite detainment is a choice, the judge used his discretion to end Ramos’s detainment. This ruling gives hope to immigrants who got detained or who might get detained because bond hearings are indeed possible although they are not guaranteed.

Three children now have their mother back at home with them because Judge Tigar believes that she’s not a flight risk and that her recovery efforts are sufficient to prevent her from being a danger to the community. Ramos wears an ankle monitor and has conditions of release that she must follow. She must also participate in a deportation hearing in June. It is possible that she may be allowed to remain in the United States because it is dangerous for her to return to Mexico. As she continues her recovery efforts, Ramos is working towards a better future for herself and her family by pursuing reestablishment of her work permit and securing health insurance for her children.

An Orange County DUI attorney is your best hope for a successful resolution of your DUI case that will enable you to pursue your best life. Some DUI defendants who work with DUI defense attorneys can drastically reduce and in some cases totally eliminate some or all of the negative consequences of their DUI arrest. In situations like this, the help of an immigration attorney may also provide some assistance.