Hicks Law Firm Secures $600,000 Motorcycle Crash Settlement

Hicks Law Firm Obtains $600,000 Settlement for Victim in Motorcycle v. Mercedes Accident

$600000 settlement

In a significant legal victory, Hicks Law Firm, led by its founder Aaron T. Hicks, has secured a $600,000 settlement on behalf of a motorcyclist who fell victim to a severe accident involving a Mercedes. This incident left the firm’s client with debilitating injuries and substantial financial hardships.

In March of 2023, around 2:44 PM, the client was operating his motorcycle on W 19th Street, heading home from the gym in the City of Costa Mesa. Traveling at a normal speed, he was heading westbound on the road when a Mercedes, driven by another individual, turned left directly into his path while traveling eastbound on the opposite side of the road. The collision was devastating, leading to the motorcyclist being thrown from his bike and sustaining catastrophic injuries.

Despite the Mercedes driver’s claim that she believed it was safe to make the left turn, a credible witness to the incident placed 100% of the blame on her, asserting that the motorcyclist had a green light at Pomona Avenue and was not required to stop.

The responding officer determined the Mercedes driver to be primarily at fault for the collision, citing a violation of traffic laws. Additionally, the client’s motorcycle was declared a total loss due to the severity of the accident.

Immediately following the crash, the client experienced excruciating pain in his chest and rib area. Paramedics found him in the street disoriented, reporting loss of consciousness and back pain. He was provided with a cervical collar (C-collar) and had his right forearm splinted with an air-splint due to an obvious deformity. His injuries included abrasions to his forehead, bridge of the nose, a significant deformity in his right forearm, pain upon palpation of both hips, an abrasion on the left upper thigh, and abrasions on both knees. He was promptly transported to a nearby trauma center.

My client was stuck in the hospital for five days, in extreme amounts of pain and with multiple fractures all over his body…”

The negligent driver’s actions cost my client his health and drastically changed his quality of life following the incident,” said Aaron T. Hicks, founding partner at Hicks Law Firm. “His livelihood, lifestyle, and quality of life was altered for the worse following a crash he had no responsibility for whatsoever. This settlement will go a long way toward helping him get the medical care he needs to live his life.

In the aftermath of the accident, the client grappled with daily pain and overwhelming anxiety when driving or being a passenger in any vehicle. The fear of being involved in another accident or even being in close proximity to other vehicles constantly haunts him.

My client was stuck in the hospital for five days, in extreme amounts of pain and with multiple fractures all over his body,” added Mr. Hicks. “He was also forced to go through ORIF surgery of his right radius and right ulna, where he now has hardware permanently embedded inside of his body as a result of this crash.”

About Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks, a distinguished civil trial attorney and the founding partner of Hicks Law Firm, is headquartered in Orange County, with additional offices in San Diego and Tennessee. His practice encompasses the representation of plaintiffs in personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, dog bites, and wrongful death. As an AV Rated attorney and Super Lawyer, he currently serves as the 1st Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association.


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