Clear Your DUI Warrant or Risk Getting Swept Up in a Warrant Sweep

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Clear Your DUI Warrant or Risk Getting Swept Up in a Warrant Sweep

If you got charged with DUI, you might wonder what happens next. If you’re like most people, your to-do list has more items on it than there are hours in a day to get them done – the last thing you need is something more to do. As tempting as it can be to write “deal with DUI” at the end of your to-do list to do “when you have time,” don’t do it. Put the date and time of your arraignment on your calendar as soon as you get notice of it and make plans to meet with a DUI defense attorney before your arraignment.

DUI charges can have severe implications in many different areas of your life, and ignoring the charges, either intentionally or inadvertently, won’t make them go away. If you do not address your DUI charges promptly and you miss your arraignment or a subsequent hearing in your case, the police can come looking for you the next time they make a “DUI warrant sweep,” and you could find yourself facing additional jail time. The same principle applies to defendants who are on DUI probation. Your probation agreement contains specific instructions that you must follow during the term of your probation, and any violation of that agreement will trigger the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. If you’re on probation, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to all of the details of your agreement and the things that you do to comply with it, because compliance is your responsibility. For example, be sure to follow through to ensure that any programs that you complete do in fact send a record of your completion to the court. While this may seem like lots of work, remember that attending to all of those details is well worth it since your liberty is at stake.

Lompoc police recently conducted a DUI warrant sweep and arrested three people. The people who got arrested went to jail. The people who got arrested in the DUI warrant sweep are just a few of the dozens of people who police were searching for because they either violated their DUI probation or failed to appear in court. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the California Office of Highway Safety periodically fund DUI warrant sweeps in communities across the state to ensure that drivers who get charged with DUI do not escape accountability for their actions.

If you have a DUI and you realize that you’ve missed a court date or violated your probation, you don’t have to wait for an officer to come knocking on your door. While it is true that a bench warrant for a defendant’s arrest usually gets issued when they miss a court date or violate probation, you might be able to address the charges proactively before you get arrested during a warrant sweep, a traffic stop, or even at the airport. To take action, seek out a knowledgeable Orange DUI defense attorney. Let your attorney know that you missed the court date and ask them what next steps you can take to address your DUI charges.