What You Need to Know About Being Arrested for DUI in Orange County

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  • What You Need to Know About Being Arrested for DUI in Orange County

    Hundreds of drivers get arrested in Orange County on DUI charges every month. A large number of these drivers are penalized with fines while many of them get their driving license suspended or revoked. Many first time offenders get sentenced to probation, community service, substance abuse classes and fines while… Read More

  • Orange County DUI Car Accident Facts & Statistics

    Auto accidents can happen at any time and to just about any commuter, and due to the surge in usage of apps like Uber & Lyft DUI incidents seem to be reducing. However, serious injuries and deaths are inevitable when there is an auto accident involving a person who is… Read More

  • Clear Your DUI Warrant or Risk Getting Swept Up in a Warrant Sweep

    If you got charged with DUI, you might wonder what happens next. If you’re like most people, your to-do list has more items on it than there are hours in a day to get them done - the last thing you need is something more to do. As tempting as… Read More

  • Recent Federal District Court Ruling Contains Hope for Undocumented Immigrants and Defendants Who Earnestly Seek Rehabilitation

    A single mom who got detained for eleven months recently got released with supervision after getting convicted of two DUI, as per a ruling by United States District Court Jon S. Tigar. The woman is earnestly pursuing recovery from alcohol abuse so that she can learn healthier ways to manage… Read More

  • Watson Murder

    A man who is accused of being drunk at the time of a July 2017 crash that claimed the life of a forty-eight-year-old woman will soon be back in court to answer murder charges that have been filed in connection with that crash because he has a previous DUI conviction.… Read More

  • California Police Are Arresting Many Drivers for Marijuana DUI

    Earlier this month, people who use recently legalized recreational marijuana celebrated 4-20, the unofficial holiday of marijuana users. On April 20 and 21, police officers stepped up patrols to send a clear message to recreational marijuana users that driving high is illegal. Sobriety checkpoints were set up on many roads… Read More

  • DUI Laws in California vs Nevada

    A driver who is suspected of killing three Las Vegas teenagers in a rear-end DUI crash at a Huntington Beach stop light has posted bail as an investigation into the wreck continues.  Charges have yet to be brought against the driver in connection with the crash. Authorities are waiting to… Read More

  • Legalization of Marijuana Has Led to Criminal Charges for Violations of Commercial Cannabis Laws

    The introduction of California’s legal, adult-use cannabis market came with its own set of rules and regulations. Some of the people who are involved in the fledgling cannabis marketplace are finding out the hard way about what activities and business practices are legal and what are not.  State regulators are… Read More

  • Retrial Is Not Always An Option

    Mistrials and retrials are valuable safeguards against wrongful convictions. However, there are limitations on when retrials are available to a defendant. A recent ruling by a San Diego judge demonstrates that in situations where there would not be any new evidence available for either the defense or the prosecution to… Read More

  • Choose Ride Sharing to Avoid a DUI

    Now that ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have been around for a while, data regarding the impacts of using ride-sharing services are starting to emerge. For example, recent studies have shown that some California cities have reduced DUI arrests by approximately thirty percent during the two years that the… Read More