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RM Law Group focuses exclusively on California Family Law and community property division. This includes the mediation, litigation and settlement of complex divorce and child custody proceedings. They understand that divorce and family law issues have long-term effects on all family members, especially the children. To effectuate our clients’ goals, RM Law Group uses a variety of advanced litigation techniques, both in and out of the courtroom to minimize the emotional toll of the family law process. At the outset of each case, our attorneys work closely with our clients to tailor the most effective case strategy for achieving their goals, without overextending costs and creating any additional, unnecessary stress.

Our attorneys are mindful of the benefits of preserving their clients’ financial resources and delicate family relationships, and therefore strives to favorably settle cases and issues while avoiding unnecessary and costly litigation. But when settlement is not an option, we are formidable trial attorneys, with a stellar record of wins in the courtroom.

Jason Martinez is considered by many of his clients as a pragmatist and strongly believes in telling his clients what they need to hear, rather then what they want to hear. He is also very personable and enjoys explaining relatively complex matters in a simple and understandable way for his clients.

Michael Recinos also has excellent negotiation skills in working with the opposing counsel in helping to reach fair and just settlements that work for everyone. He strives to help clients exercise good judgment and the best interests of the children in resolving family disputes.

Law Firm Info
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