Paul Nguyen

Attorney Paul Nguyen is a Personal Injury Lawyer at Shield Litigation in Santa Ana.

Paul Nguyen

attorney Paul NguyenIf you or a family member was in a serious accident or was injured due to the negligence of another in Orange County, you deserve the best possible representation for your case. Attorney Paul Nguyen at Shield Litigation has handled numerous personal injury cases in Orange County and throughout Southern California and can help you with your next steps including: medical attention, ongoing treatment, vehicle repair and a verdict or settlement to help you and your family with the current & future bills, pain and suffering. Call 714-728-3385 now to discuss your case directly with an attorney. All of our cases are taken on contingency, which means that you pay nothing until the successful conclusion of your case.

About Shield Litigation

Paul Nguyen is the Managing Attorney at Shield Litigation, LLP in Santa Ana, CA. Mr. Nguyen is personally involved with every case that comes to the office. Mr. Nguyen has litigated numerous jury trials to verdict, negotiated, and settled numerous personal injury cases throughout California. Shield Litigation takes an enormous amount of pride fighting for our clients and we’ve recovered millions of dollars in compensation. When you work with Shield Litigation, LLP, you have a direct line of contact to Mr. Nguyen and will always know where your case stands.
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About Paul Nguyen
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  • Car Accident Attorneys
  • Defective & Dangerous Products Attorneys
  • Dog Bite Attorneys
  • Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
  • Pedestrian Accident Attorneys
  • Truck Accident Lawyer
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