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Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC: is a Family Law Specialist in Tustin.

Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC

Attorney Justine DellAttorney Justine A. Dell encourages and guides clients through the legal processes most appropriate for their individual circumstances.Mediation as a rational approach to divorce or a child-centered child custody arrangement may bring the sensible resolution you seek.

Even if you believe your spouse or the other parent has done wrong, attempting to use the law as a club to punish him or her is not likely to protect your best interests.

The road to a divorce is by nature a high-conflict phase in human relations. Sometimes, peace seems out of reach as a close relationship takes a rapid downward turn. If your spouse or partner has threatened you, you may need a restraining order. Conversely, if you have been named in a restraining order, you may need help regaining access to your home and your children, and salvaging your good name.

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