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Charging our clients a flat fee incentivizes us to reach an agreement for your prenup or divorce quickly.
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Cordial Family Lawyers, LLP

Cordial Family Lawyers, LLP is committed to guiding you through the legal landscape, tailoring solutions to your unique circumstances and those of your (future) spouse. We take pride in our outstanding track record, as 100% of our clients have successfully reached agreements in their prenuptial arrangements or divorce proceedings. Our mission is to assist families in embarking on new chapters without unnecessary conflict. We provide impartial family legal services designed for couples facing divorce and co-parents seeking resolutions for their family matters, including divorce and custody mediation, family law consultations, and settlement planning.

Attorney Cheryl Kang Prout has always harbored a profound interest in understanding how individuals form connections and resolve conflicts. Her passion drove her to engage in research in the field of social psychology during her tenure at the University of California Berkeley. Cheryl received the SWAN Undergraduate Psychology Research Scholarship and the James and Catherine Koshland Family Scholarship, graduating with honors and earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Additionally, Cheryl has obtained her Divorce Mediation Certification from Orange County Human Relations, qualifying her to mediate cases within the California courts under the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.

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